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If I lose this thing again... [23 Aug 2003|08:14pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I must say...when I first retrieved this journal from the dusty attic of...er...headquarters, I never suspected it would cause me such a hassle as it has. I have been looking all over for it, because...though I do not write in it as much as one would, there are times when I would record my feelings. That and the fact that it belonged to my mum when she was but a young girl. I do think that before she left this house, she would have taken all of her posessions with her...or that Mrs. Black would have burned the darn thing long before I ever came about, but oddly enough...neither has happened.

But, I suppose that's no matter now. I *did* find you, and I guess that's all that matters.

Headquarters has been a bit deserted lately. Of course, I do come in in the early hours, so I suppose I couldn't expect too many people to roam around. I swear...if I get another night of guard duty, I will surely fall over. Mad-Eye has agreed to take over tonight's shift, but I'm back on tomorrow. I really need to tell Dumbledore to find me another task. I'm just so tired. I think I will surely fall over soon.

It has been quite dull lately, to tell the truth. Sirius sulks about the house all day, often times locking himself inside his mother's room with Buckbeak. Molly has been trying to keep the house in tip-top shape, and I don't think she listens to any of us when we tell her that it's quite useless. Arthur comes in and out, as he still has his job in the Ministry to keep him busy. Mad-Eye...well who knows what he's up to nowadays. I actually haven't seen him since he agreed to take my shift tonight.

Of course, I have enough trouble doing guard duty and keeping my job at the Ministry to be wondering much about others. While Shacklebolt has an easy time feeding the Ministry information about Sirius's latest whereabouts...I have to keep a clamp on myself the entire time I am inside that building. I have quite a loose mouth, and I do believe that Fudge is becoming suspicious of me. Of course, I haven't seen him in a couple of weeks. But really...what is an auror supposed to do, when the Minister of Magic fumes at the mere mention of evil wizards about.

I don't think I will ever understand that man. I can't see how Dumbledore puts up with him. I don't think I ever had this much respect for Dumbledore when I was at school. But now as I see what a hold he has on his powers, and what a strong will he has...I mean the Ministry is doing all that it can to rob him of his powers.

...every time I see him, I think he grows older. And this is quite frightening, as Dumbledore has never before seemed to age. One bit.

*yawns* I am bloody tired. I have a week of guard duty left, then it's my turn to go up to Hogwarts to keep an eye on everyone's favorite hero.

Blimey...I need to watch some Television. My dad had one at our house. Mum was always banging it...never could figure out how it worked. Nevertheless...I could use some mindless drivel right about now.

*yawns again* Or maybe I'll just go take a nap. I sure need one.


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A journal for the ramblesome. [09 Jul 2003|10:08pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Ahh, HERE it is! I knew I'd find you eventually.

I....er...misplaced this journal accidentally...last week. It was an accident, truly!

Anyway, I wouldn't have had time to write an entry in any case. I've been quite busy. What with the order and all. I had an assignment last week, you see. Can't really mention all the details, in case this journal were discovered. Which....knowing me...wouldn't be at all surprising. Let's just say that Harry doesn't look too happy. No one at Hogwarts looks too happy, in fact. And who can blame them? What with the Ministry poking their heads into Hogwarts, and all. I heard that they appointed Dolored Umbridge as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. I've had a few run-ins with her, and let me tell you...she's not the...er...politest nor sincerest woman. In any case, Harry is safe, even if he is a bit...er...unsatisified. I've grown quite fond of him. Hmmm....

The...Order's Headquarter (I will not write down the address in case other people find this) has resumed it's dusty self. What with Order members hustling and bustling in and out...we just don't have enough people to dust and wash. Not that I mind...at all. My dad, a muggle I may mention, was a bit...unclean, to put it lightly. And I find that I don't mind a little dust either. Now Molly on the other hand....but she will NEVER let me help! I suspect it has something to do with the dish set I broke last week, but Kreacher was standing right in my way!

It's not my fault if...er...things don't get out of the way fast enough. Remus says I should take things slower, but I protest! Where's the fun in that? Life is what you make it, my dad always said. A bit peaky, I must admit. But then again...what do you expect from muggles? Them and their phrases.

In any case, I should go down and see what's up. Severus dropped by a week or so ago. Dumbledore has him on a special project. Wish I could know what it was about...but oddly enough, Severus doesn't seem to want to glance my way, let alone tell me about it. Er...but that's the way with him, I suppose. And I'm sure it has NOTHING to do with my bright orange hair and earrings. (Or we'll make believe that...heh.)

I think I hear Sirius and Molly arguing downstairs. I think I hear Mundungus too. Sirius and Molly go at it quite a lot...heh. I think I'll just go see what Shacklebolt is up to.

Until next time,


-Ack! Coat Rack!-

[27 Jun 2003|01:50pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

Oh, wow, a journal. I haven't written in one of these things since I was a little girl.

Brings back fond memories, yes. I see my handwriting's gotten a tad sloppier. No matter, let's see how long I can keep this thing without losing it. Goodness, there is a lot to write. I mean what with the Order and what has been happening this summer. But I really must dash. I think Dumbledore gave me an assignment. I'll be darned if I can remember it.

...I do believe I should go ask Remus. He's a bit more organized than I am. Actually...everyone's a bit more organized than I am...but no reason to get myself down. If I were to act like Harry's Aunt and Uncle, judging by their house, I'd go absolutely bonkers. But that's a whole 'nother story.

For now anyway,


-Ack! Coat Rack!-

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