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The Writings of the Witch that is Tonks.

Dead Clumsy, ya know?

Not Nymphadora. Just Tonks.
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Wotcher, Stranger!

My name is Tonks. Just Tonks. If a certain Remus Lupin tells you that my name is Nymphadora Tonks, don't listen to him. I never do. Listen to me instead. The name's Tonks.

I'm a metamorphmagus who's in the Order of the Phoenix, you know? I'm here to help against You-Know-Who. So don't get in my way!

And...don't ask me to carry dishes. ...Somehow I don't think they'd end up too well! I almost failed the Stealth and Tracking part of the test to become an Auror...dead clumsy, you know?

No matter, though! I will help you in any way possible! As long as...you're not with him.

Be great if you were with us, ya know? Well I'll be glad to meet ya!


Nymphadora Tonks is played by the bizzare and just as loud snuzzie.